Taliban ask CNN journalist Clarissa Ward to cover her face

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“Cover your face; I don’t talk to you.” Clarissa Ward, a CNN journalist, sent to Afghanistan, documents the attack by some Taliban in the streets of Kabul. CNN has released a short video on Twitter that documents the agitated moments experienced by the correspondent.

Ward, accompanied by the producer and an interpreter, is repeatedly approached threateningly by militiamen. Some tell her to cover her face and the visibly tense interpreter says the Taliban does not want to talk to her.

“You hear gunshots all the time,” says the journalist, who is approached by numerous civilians looking for directions and advice on the procedure to follow to leave the country. A man also exhibits documents: “I worked in Herat for an Italian company,” he says.

Clarissa Ward facing the Taliban

The tension increases, the group tries to escape but is blocked by a group of Taliban: the producer risks being hit. The journalist and her collaborators manage to leave only after proving that they have a permit to move and work.


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