TATA, Infosys, SBI, Reliance and HDFC are among the top ten most valuable Indian brands in 2022

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Shweta Routh
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TATA Group holds the top position as the most valuable Indian brand at US$24 billion writes Brand Finance is the leading U.K. based brand valuation consultancy. The group’s Taj is the strongest brand in India with an AAA Brand Strength rating. The Banking, IT services and telecoms brands have achieved high brand value growth post pandemic. Infosys has moved up as the second most valuable Indian brand, overtaking LIC. 

Reliance brand value grew and retained fourth place, while SBI is the most valuable bank brand in South Asia.

The Tata Group

Brand value: US$24 billion

The Tata Group continues to be at the top in the category of most valuable brands in India. The company displays a 12% value, up to $24 billion USD. The brand’s innovation and smart use of its technology during the COVID crisis made it a leader and resulted in it being at the top this year too. Tata’s brand building strategies and initiatives strengthened its business. The driving force behind the brand Tata is its growth, which is based on sustainable and inclusive actions.


Brand Value: US $12.8 billion 

India’s IT services (up 15% in brand value) and telecoms (up 7% in brand value) sectors have high brand value. Today, Indian IT companies are truly international.

Infosys secured the second position as the most valuable Indian brand. The brand’s value shows a growth of 52% to $12.8 billion and has over stripped the LIC. Infosys’ growth was truly remarkable, with growth in brand value of 80% from $7.1 billion prior to the pandemic to its current value. The brand will become the fastest-growing IT brand across the globe by 2022. 


Brand value : US $ 11.1 billion 

India’s largest insurance brands and strongest Indian brands fell to third place this year. With a growth of 28% over last year, the current brand value is $11.1 billion.   

LIC still holds 64.1% of the market share in terms of premium, a 74.6% share in the number of individual policies issued and a 66.2% share in terms of new business premium. In India’s insurance industry, the LIC is still an undefeatable brand.

Strongest Indian Brands 2022
Strongest Indian Brands 2022. Image: Brand Finance


Brand value: US $8.6 billion 

Reliance maintained its fourth position. The brand’s value grew by 5%, to $8.6 billion, whereas HDFC Bank dropped to 7th position with a brand value of US $6.9 billion. With a brand value of US $6.4 billion, Wipro displayed impressive growth and secured the 8th position as the most valuable brand in India.

State Bank of India 

Brand Value : US$7.5 billion

State Bank of India (SBI) is the most valuable banking brand in India, with a 29 per cent increase in brand value, valued at US$7.5 billion. It is the 6th most valuable brand in India and is among the top 100 most valuable brands in India.


Brand Value: US $314 million

With a Brand Strength Index (BSI) score of 88.9 out of 100 and a corresponding AAA brand rating, Taj Hotels (brand value up 6% to US $314 million) is the strongest brand in the ranking. The pandemic and subsequent national lockdowns wreaked havoc on the hospitality industry, forcing brands to rethink their strategies in order to stay relevant to tourists’ needs. With agility and strategic initiatives, Taj was at the top of the list of this, providing support to the healthcare sector. The hospitality industry is rebounding, with occupancy at five-star business hotels in major cities across the country reaching 75 per cent to 80 per cent in the last month.

HDFC Bank 

Brand Value: US $ 6.9 billion

One of India’s leading private banks, HDFC, secured the second position as the strongest Indian brand in 2022. The brand rating of AAA and a brand strength index (BSI) score of 88.7 out of 100, whereas Jio’s BSI score of 88.3 out of 100 and position dropped to third place. Amul came in fourth place as the strongest Indian brand, with a BSI score of 87.1 and a AAA brand rating.

The Indian telecommunications sector is gaining traction around the world. India is the world’s second-largest telecommunications market, with 1.16 billion subscribers and strong growth over the last decade. Airtel’s performance was remarkable as the brand is in the 5th position as the most valuable brand, with a brand value of US $7.7 billion. It is also India’s No. 1 telecommunications company, with a 28 per cent increase in brand value.

Fastest Growing Brands in India in 2022
Fastest Growing Brands in India in 2022. Image: Brand Finance

Jio brand value increased by 5% to the US $5.1 billion and secured second place, followed by Vodafone Idea – VI (US $767 million in brand value), which has remained resilient despite its numerous business challenges.

Mahindra, with a brand value of US $6.1 billion, secured the 9th position, whereas HCL is in the 10th position as the most valuable brand, with a brand value of US $6.1 billion.  

Despite all the challenges, these Indian brands displayed an endless drive for productivity and became the top performers. Let’s have a look at the top performing brands of 2022. 

Brand Finance annually releases a report ranking brand across all sectors and countries. They put at least 5,000 leading brands together for testing, and based on their performance and data, they provide rankings to the brands and publish around 100 reports.

Brand finance also determines the strength of the brands. The parameters for determining the strength of brands are stakeholder equity, the performance of the business, and a balanced scorecard of metrics for evaluating marketing expenditure. Original market research data from over 100,000 respondents in over 35 countries and nearly 30 industries is used in Brand Finance’s assessment of stakeholder equity. 


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