There is an image of a new hypersonic missile for the Su-57; it looks like Brahmos and maybe for exports

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Joseph P Chacko
Joseph P Chacko
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An image of a new hypersonic missile, which looked like Brahmos, among the arsenal of the fifth-generation aircraft Su-57 has appeared on the Web. The person who published the image suggested that the hypersonic missile was “Sharpness”, item 21?

The missile is featured on the Tactical Missile Armament Corporation (KTRV) poster, explaining the company’s plans for 2022. The poster shows the Su-57 simultaneously firing six missiles of different types. 

The image was for an obscure Oka-E-1 aviation ammunition diagnostics and preparation system for combat use. Judging by the picture, these KTRV products are intended for exports.

But the picture is still interesting as it lists the future of Russian aviation ammunition, which is about to come. To the left is the air-to-air missiles from the Su-57 arsenal: long-range RVV-BD and RVV-SD medium-range. The second rocket on the right looks like Russian-Indian BrahMos or Yokohant with its characteristic air intake. 

OKA-3-1brochure shows hypersonic missile for the Su-57
OKA-3-1brochure shows hypersonic missile for the Su-57

Little is known about the hypersonic aircraft air-to-surface missile being developed as part of the Ostrota R&D project. The missile is known to be small-sized (matches the picture) and high-precision. A ramjet engine was designed for it, which is also known so far only under the code “Product 71”. The possible carrier of this missile is the front-line bomber Su-34 and the long-range missile carrier Tu-22M. Since it is compact, it is logical to assume that the Sharpness will also fit into the Su-57’s armament bay. This is the first image of a hypersonic missile for the Su-57 fighter.

Hypersonic missile for Su-57

Russia has already admitted that a new hypersonic missile, to be used as the primary weapon of the Russian fifth-generation fighter jet, is being created. The missile is to be used in air to surface mode. By its appearance, the missile resembles the Onyx, a supersonic universal medium-range anti-ship missile. P-800 Onik (western name Onyx) technologies and / or inspiration have been used to create the Indian Brahmos missile and the Russian Zircon cruise missile.

The technical capabilities of this new missile so far remain unknown; however, experts believe it has a range of at least 500-600 kilometres. In this case, the flight speed of the rocket is likely to reach 6-7 Mach.

According to previously reported data, the hypersonic aircraft missile is currently being tested, but it will begin to be supplied to the Russian Aerospace Forces in the near future. In addition, this missile can also be used on other combat aircraft.

P-800 Onik Yakhont
P-800 Onik / Yakhont

In February 2021, the Russian media reported the test of Su-57 with a mockup of a hypersonic missile. 

“As part of the tests, the experienced Su-57 fighter performed several flights with functional mass and size models of the new Russian intra-fuselage hypersonic missile. Prior to that, the new product was tested in the internal compartment of the fighter on the ground,” the agency’s source told Ria Novosti.

The source said that the mockups differ from standard ammunition in the absence of engines, rocket fuel and warheads, but fully correspond to them in size, shape and weight.

“At the same time, homing heads and electrical circuits are installed on functional analogues to check the interface of the ammunition electronics with the onboard equipment of the carrier aircraft,” the source added.

The source did not disclose the missile’s characteristics, however, but said it is small-sized. According to the source, these missiles provide a manoeuvrable flight at hypersonic speed for a long time. The new weapon belongs to the air-to-surface class; it is designed to engage priority targets such as enemy air and missile defense targets, radar stations, cruise and tactical ballistic missile launchers.

Aircraft armed with the missile will become part of the Russian non-nuclear deterrent force. 

Su-57 (formerly known as PAK FA) is a fifth-generation fighter designed to destroy all types of air, ground and surface targets. Developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau (part of the UAC of the Rostec State Corporation ), it made its first flight in 2010. The Su-57 has high manoeuvrability, the latest avionics and low visibility (stealth technology).

The first serial contract for the supply of 76 Su-57 aircraft to the Russian Aerospace force was signed within the framework of the Army forum in the summer of 2019. The first aircraft under this agreement was handed over to the Armed Forces in December 2020. Additional purchases of the latest fighters are planned.

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