Tommy Dorfman thrilled to reintroduce herself as a Trans woman

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Faaiza khan
Faaiza khan
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The ‘13 reasons why’ star Tommy Dorfman shared a new side of herself she says that she identifies herself as a Trans woman. The 29 year old actress is owning her new self. Taking to her social media to say my pronouns are she/her. “I’m especially grateful to every single trans person who walked this path, broke down barriers, and risked their lives to live authentically and radically as themselves before me. Thank you to all the trans woman that showed me who I am, how to live, celebrate myself, and take up space in this world,” she wrote. She is extremely thrilled to reintroduce herself as a woman.

Dorfman, who played Ryan Shaver on “13 Reasons Why”, in an interview said, “For a year now, I have been privately identifying and living as a woman – a trans woman.” It’s funny to think about coming out, because I haven’t gone anywhere,” she continued. “I view today as a reintroduction to me as a woman, having made a transition medically. Coming out is always viewed as this grand reveal, but I was never not out. Today is about clarity: I am a trans woman. My pronouns are she/her. My name is Tommy. Dorfman says she will keep her name, which is in honour of her mother’s brother who died shortly after she was born.

“I love my name. I want to keep my name and give new life to my name,” she continued. Dorfman, who has been documenting her changes in style and appearance for several months on Instagram, says she felt the need to publicly address her gender identity in order to maintain control of her own narrative.

Tommy also revealed in the interview that she was no longer with husband Peter Zurkuhlen, whom she married in Nov. 2016. ”I love him so much, but we’ve been learning that as a trans woman, what I’m interested in is not necessarily reflected in a gay man. So we’ve had incredible conversations to redefine our relationship as friends,” she said.

Tommy had previously come out as non-binary in 2017. Tommy Dorfman’s husband Peter Zurkuhlen outpoured his affection after Tommy publicly came out as a transgender woman. Zurkuhlen re-posted one of Dorfman’s photos from the interview, voicing how proud he is for the actress.

Tommy is best known for her role as Ryan Shaver on Netflix’s popular drama 13 Reasons Why alongside Brenda Strong, Ross Butler, and Dylan Minnette. She also played Bobby in The CW’s Jane The Virgin and Nick on American Princess. Most recently, she is credited for appearing in Freedoms mini series ‘love in the time of Corona’.



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