TSMC to build four new 3nm chip factories, each costing $10 billion

Potential production volumes have not yet been specified.

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TSMC will build four new factories for the production of 3nm chips, writes Nikkei Asia. The total investment will be about $40 billion. Creating new factories will strengthen Taiwan’s dominance in the chip industry. According to various estimates, the island produces up to 90% of advanced semiconductor products.

Despite the recent completion of four plants, TSMC continues to expand production. Presumably, new enterprises will be located near the Taiwanese city of Tainan. The cost of each facility will be about $10 billion. Potential production volumes have not yet been specified.

US policymakers believe that over-reliance on Taiwanese chips risks the global supply chain. US President Joe Biden signed an executive order to strengthen the US semiconductor industry. The authorities have also approached Taiwanese companies with a proposal to build factories in the United States. TSMC is currently building its unit in Arizona, where it will let in 5-nm products.

A few days earlier, TSMC announced five 3nm chip technologies. According to the developers, the chips will increase the frequency of processors by 10-15% with the same power consumption and reduce energy costs by 20-30% at the same frequency.


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