UFO Revelation – Ex-Military Officers Shock US Congress with Eerie Encounters and Government Cover-ups

Pilots and government personnel who urge for "greater transparency of their experiences" continue to face threats and persecution because of their beliefs, while witnesses reportedly reported an increase in UFO sightings recently.

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Joseph P Chacko
Joseph P Chacko
Joseph P. Chacko is the publisher of Frontier India. He holds an M.B.A in International Business. Books: Author: Foxtrot to Arihant: The Story of Indian Navy's Submarine Arm; Co Author : Warring Navies - India and Pakistan. *views are Personal

In July, the United States Congress held hearings on the subject of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) to determine if the government is concealing information about “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” (UAP), formerly known as UFOs. Additionally, the hearings were held to determine whether or not technologies being developed in the United States based on these phenomena and the UFOs themselves pose a threat to the United States.

During the hearings, three former officers provided testimony. A former reconnaissance pilot who served in Afghanistan, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), Retired Major David Grusch. Between 2019 and 2021, he served as a representative for the NGA, and later, he was promoted to “head of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force.” Admiral David Fravor, now retired, was a former commander of the United States Navy. And former Navy pilot Ryan Graves, who is now retired. The witnesses risk going to jail. 

According to the major witness Grush, the Pentagon has been aware of activities using “non-humans” since at least the 1930s. According to him, the US has found 12 crash sites for UFOs, gathered wreckage from the sites, and retrieved ” non-human origin biological remains.” They are engaged in a technique known as reverse engineering, which includes constructing an exact clone of the object based on existing samples, and “people have been hurt while this job was being done.”

In response to whether the US government owns UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), he does believe this. Grush said, “Absolutely—based on interviews with over 40 witnesses over four years.”

On the other hand, Grush himself “was denied access to more materials,” thus he has not personally seen anything that remotely resembles that. He maintained that he could not answer the congressional representatives’ questions since the information was classified, and did not want to put his informants in danger.

The witness accused the government of concealing data received to the detriment of America’s interests and funding the secret UAP search program through “unauthorised appropriation of funds” allocated by Congress.

It is essential to remember that he may face repercussions in the judicial system if he provides false testimony.

Fravor verified the integrity of the declassified “Tik Tok” video. The footage was shot by US Navy fighters in the vicinity of the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier in 2004. The footage shows a round, white flying object that appears to be hovering in the air. He refuted that he was captivated by “little green men” because of his interest in UFOs and asked Congress to concentrate on determining what these ships are, where they come from, what sort of technology they possess, and how they operate.

According to Fravor, if there are truly programmes in the US that contain such technologies, then the oversight of those programmes ought to be carried out by the Congressional Committee.

In 2014, while Grey was flying an F-18 in training operations near Virginia, he reported having a close brush with an unidentified flying object. He characterised these things as having the appearance of dark grey or black cubes enclosed within a transparent sphere, with the corners of the cubes contacting the interior of the sphere. Grey said these objects were immobile, although they sped to supersonic speeds while subjected to winds equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane.

He stated that more than 30 persons in his company had experienced the same phenomenon and that even people on the ground had also seen them. Grey has reported these encounters to his superiors, confirming the happenings, including instances in which the objects behaved ” aggressively ” towards the security personnel tasked with their protection.

The witnesses also stated that there had been a recent rise in the frequency of UFO sightings, and the pilots and official employees who advocate for “more transparency of their experiences” continue to endure threats and harassment due to their beliefs.

During the hearings, a Republican from Missouri named Eric Berlisson expressed doubts regarding the “non-human” origin of UAP and said that these objects might be the outcome of ‘human’ secret programmes found by government agencies uninformed of their origin.

Susan Gough, the press secretary for the Pentagon, said in her statement that during the hearings, no information was offered that could be verified to support the assertion that any programmes to obtain or reverse-engineer alien elements had occurred in the past or are presently being carried out. She said this in response to a question about whether or not such programmes are currently active. She further said that the Department is dedicated to providing timely and comprehensive reports to Congress.

Since roughly three years ago, UAP has been the subject of extensive conversation in the US. As the recent incident with the Chinese Baloon investigation that put the US on edge for an entire month demonstrates, this might be a major concern for national security if it turns out that UAPs are, in fact, unmanned aerial vehicles from other countries. On the other hand, if these objects are something else, as military officers said they were during the hearings before Congress, then this becomes an issue for the scientific community and a question for national security.

Scepticism, on the other hand, is the default position in the scientific community. Some experts contend that history teaches us to view such assertions with total scepticism and to require extraordinary evidence and any evidence needed to believe in these assertions, which is currently lacking.

In the lack of evidence, there is a possibility that some individuals will discuss conspiracy theories that claim there is a requirement for such “panic.”

The Pentagon may see the testimony of Grush as a desire to raise financing for the organisation. It may also assist in diverting the attention of the general population in the US away from the difficult economic condition facing the nation and the continuous struggle for power between Democrats and Republicans. Notably, both parties have a rare unanimity about UAP. Many pieces published in the American media begin with assertions regarding the fascination and interest that people in the US have in UFOs.

It is unlikely that the disclosure of Grush will serve the interests of foreign intelligence, even though it is possible to believe that Grush is an agent planted by a foreign government, recruited during his time in Afghanistan, to weaken the Pentagon and generate terror in the United States. This speculation is based on the fact that Grush spent time in Afghanistan. This kind of agent would be extremely useful since they could provide information on extraterrestrial technology and how the US handles it.

The most well-known UFO sighting in American history took place in Roswell in 1947, when a pilot flying over the Cascade Mountains in the state of Washington noticed nine crescent-shaped objects flying in formation at a distance of approximately 3 kilometres, allegedly travelling at a speed of approximately 1900 km per hour. The media coined the name ” flying saucer, ” which led to the beginning of the contemporary UFO mystery.

After that, wreckage from something was discovered at the observation point by a local sheriff; however, the incident was covered up, and the Pentagon claimed that it was a weather balloon. The tale has been brought up several times, and the location of the purported accident is now often referred to as Area 51. Various conspiracy theories surround the area, but it has never been directly infiltrated or exposed.


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