USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier anchored off Pakistan for Afghanistan support operations

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The USS Ronald Reagan, a Nimitz-class super-carrier belonging to the US Navy, is currently deployed in the northern part of the Arabian Sea, off the coast of Pakistan, to support operations in Afghanistan.

Entered service in July 2003 and named after the former US president when he was still alive, it is deployed at the naval base of Yokosuka, Japan. It has reached the Arabian Sea for the delicate evacuation mission from Kabul. Its motto is ‘Peace through strength’.

As tall as a 20-story building, the aircraft carrier can accommodate about 6,000 people and carry enough supplies to stay at sea for three months. Over 300 meters long, it has a bridge almost 80 meters long and costs about 4.5 billion dollars.

The aircraft carrier is capable of accommodating a maximum of 90 fixed or rotary-wing aircraft. Usually, the flight group consists of 9 flocks (seven aircraft and two helicopters) including F / A-18 C Hornet multirole attack aircraft, Growler EA-18G for electronic warfare, E-2 Hawkeye, a squadron consisting of Sea Hawk MH-60S combat helicopters, and one for logistic support.

The Ronald Reagan also embarks defensive weapon systems consisting of four Sea Sparrow missile launchers, two Rolling Airframe Missile, and 20 mm super-rapid anti-aircraft guns Phalanx CIWS.


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