What is different in the latest Russian T-90M Proryv-3 tanks?

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The Russian troops received new modernized T-90M Proryv-3 tanks in August. As per the state corporation Rostec, it is the most advanced vehicle in the T-90 family of tanks. Weighing 50 tons, the tank can cruise up to 70 kph.

The turret of the tank Proryv (Breakthrough) has been completely replaced, which makes it possible to improve the protection several times, increase the internal armoured volume, place the newly introduced unspecified equipment and make the working conditions for the crew more comfortable. In addition, the design of the new turret makes it possible to redistribute the ammunition stowage, which significantly increases the survivability of the crew.

The tank has a new turret tower, a deep modernised power and transmission unit, modernised chassis, improved anti-mine resistance of the bottom, and also significantly improved the armour. To improve the accuracy of fire and reduce the preparation time for firing, the tank is equipped with a modern panoramic commander’s sight and an automated fire control system, which allows it to conduct a circular view, search, recognize and lock targets and transmit data to the gunner with automatic input of all corrections.

T-90M Proryv-3 tank uses the gun created for the T-14 Armata – the 2A82-1M. It has a remote-controlled large-calibre machine-gun firing 12.7 mm Kord-MT rounds. The gun fires Vacuum-1 armour-piercing discarding sabot rounds with a depleted-uranium core, Telnik high-explosive fragmentation warhead, and  Sprinter guided missile, the trajectory of which can be adjusted in flight.

T-90M Proryv-3 Tank
T-90M Proryv-3 Tank

The tank’s modern modular reactive armour, the Relikt, defeats the incoming projectiles a meter from the tank. Protection for the lower part of the turret and the rear of the body is provided by slat armour, and the firing compartment has been reinforced with an anti-shrapnel cover. The heat signature of the tank has been brought down to almost nil. It uses the Nakidka camouflage system.

The 1130 hp diesel engine developed by ChTZ-Uraltrac provides the T-90M with high-speed characteristics, fuel efficiency and a long power reserve, even at extremely high temperatures. This is particularly required in the case of future exports to India as the tank engines generally underperform in the Indian Thar desert due to the intense heat. 

Among the advantages of the new tank is the ability for it to work in a unified tactical command and control system in cooperation with other branches and branches of the Russian armed forces, which is achieved by providing Proryv with modern communication systems and high-quality electronic “stuffing” of the combat vehicle.

Tank T-90 M Proryv was created on the basis of the Russian main battle tank (MBT) T-90A. For the first time in Russian tanks, control based on a steering wheel is used as well as an automatic gearshift system with the ability to switch to manual.

As per the Russian media, T-90M Proryv is lighter and more mobile than the US Abrams and the Israeli Merkava, and more protected than German and French MBTs. The muzzle energy of the Proryv’s cannon is higher than that of the Germans and Americans, as well as the firing range. In addition, the T-90 wins in terms of price-quality ratio, since it is two to three times cheaper than foreign competitors. 


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