Wind Of Change by Scorpions written by the CIA, led to the USSR’s collapse

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A Russian origin German journalist Vladimir Kaminer claims in a write up for a German online portal T-online that the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had destroyed the USSR with the help of the song Wind Of Change by Scorpions. Formed in 1965, the Scorpions are a Hanover based German heavy metal band started by by Rudolf Schenker.

Wind Of Change by the Scorpions is considered the anthem of the political change of 1989, although the song was only released in 1990. Mikhail Gorbachev was so enthusiastic about lines like “Did you ever think that we could be so close, like brothers” that he invited the band in the Kremlin.

According to Kaminer, who was born in Moscow in 1967, the key event of the collapse of the Soviet Union was allegedly the Moscow Music Festival in 1989, in which Western music stars, including the Scorpions, performed.

“According to legend, at this event the Scorpions sang their hit” Wind Of Change “, which, of course, was broadcast on the Russian television. The residents of the USSR were stunned, life suddenly offered them something new, and everyone sang this” Wind Of Change “. This song spread like wildfire in the Taiga (region), and listening to it, no one could live their old life. Soon after, the Soviet Union collapsed,” writes Kaminer.

As per  Kaminer, later, a certain CIA employee admitted that the lyrics of the song were composed is a department of the CIA in order to inflict the greatest harm on the Soviet state. The composition was allegedly created in a special department of “battle poetry”. Kaminer did not name the CIA agent from whom this information came.

In an interview to radio station ‘Moscow Speaking, Pavel Palazhchenko, who was the aide to Mikhail Gorbachev, the then President of the USSR, called it stupidity. “The song is good, but I will not comment on any nonsense,” said Palazhchenko.


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