ZALA Aero is developing a Russian maritime kamikaze drone based on KUB-UAV

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ZALA Aero began developing the first Russian maritime kamikaze drone based on KUB-UAV. This was announced on Sunday, August 22, by the head of the company’s special projects Nikita Khamitov.

Nikita Khamitov said that the company is proactively developing the ‘sea’ modification of the KUB-UAV and there is no customer requirement. The drone is being developed with the possibility of integration with high-speed transport and landing boats and special-purpose ships, which significantly increases their combat capabilities. He was speaking to the press during the international military-technical Forum “Army-2021.

He said that the flight speed of the drone could reach 80-130 km / h. The drone will patrol in the air, detect a target, and then attack it from the upper hemisphere.

On August 12, the Ministry of Defense spoke about developing a new weapon systems for unmanned aerial vehicles. The Russian drones will be armed with long-range cruise missiles and unguided aircraft weapons.

The ministry also spoke about the development of new lightweight bombs and missiles specifically for drones.


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