Antivirals pills that could be used at home by people with Covid being developed

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The European Medicines Agency EMA has announced the development of COVID-19 home care medicines. EMA said that it is “actively supporting vaccine and treatment developers” with the aim of “expanding the portfolio of options available for the prevention and treatment of severe disease. There is a very active pipeline of therapy in development, including antivirals in pills that could be used by people ‘with Covid at home.” This was stated by Marco Cavaleri, head of Vaccines and Therapeutic Products for Ema’s Covid-19, during the periodic update press conference of the EU regulatory body.

Currently, five vaccines are in the continuous review phase, while on the front of the “4 monoclonal treatments with antiviral activity at a mature stage of evaluation – summarized Cavaleri.

“We expect that some of these can be approved by the end of October, the others more likely in November. And then we have 3 immunomodulatory agents that will be discussed in October and we will see if for some it can be concluded immediately and if it will take more time. But I would expect that for at least some of these it is possible to “complete the process” very soon and certainly by the end of the year,” said Cavaleri.

Monolocal antibodies are made by cloning a unique white cell, and the subsequent antibodies can be traced to the parent antibody. They bind to the same epitope, a specific antigen receptor on the surface of a B cell.


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