Bill to ban Russophobes from entering Russia – Vasillii Piskarev

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The bill prohibiting the entry of people with Russophobia into Russia aims to protect the country’s sovereignty and is a forced measure against the background of the increasing incidence of incitement by foreigners of inter-ethnic and inter-religious hatred, says the head of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption Vasillii Piskarev.

“Recently, especially in some countries, and in the countries of the near abroad, in the post-Soviet space, very nasty trends and movements have appeared, which are based on the humiliation of the honor and dignity of persons of another nationality, of another religion … We are fraternal peoples, we have fraternal, historically established relations, and suddenly such outbursts of emotions and hatred appear , not only to Russians – to persons of other nationalities, ” Piskarev said in an interview with TV Mordovia.

In June of this year, a nine-year-old child in Kyrgyzstan was beaten by peers from the judo section. According to the boy’s parents, the reason was sectarian strife. At the same time, in Kazakhstan, nationalists organized an inspection of the use of the Kazakh language in stores. The footage of the raids, where they forced people to apologize to the camera for the Russian language, are posted on YouTube. A similar incident occurred in Kyrgyzstan, where a female seller was attacked because she spoke Russian to a customer.

Along with such incidents, Piskarev noted, monuments to soldiers who died in the Great Patriotic War are being desecrated in the near and far abroad countries.” As per Piskarev, “the Nazis are marching there, and “without any reaction from the states where this is happening.”

“So the bill is correct – it is the protection of our sovereignty, our independence, our pride, and our glory,” said the head of the Duma committee.

He drew attention to the fact that now people who arrange such provocations often calmly come to Russia to fulfill their personal needs.

“They come here, go to restaurants, theaters, make big money here, are engaged in fishing, hunting … They rest here, gain health, and at home, they throw mud at us. Of course, this is unacceptable. We do not invite anyone to our house when someone humiliates and insults our family? Such people have nothing to do in our country, “added the State Duma deputy.

Earlier it was reported that the deputies of ‘United Russia’ had prepared a bill prohibiting entry of Russophobes into the country. It provides for a ban on foreigners and stateless persons from entering Russia if they incite hatred and enmity.


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