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Airbus Flight Academy Europe Introduces Elixir Aircraft

As part of its objective for sustainable development, Airbus Flight Academy Europe, a 100 per cent subsidiary of Airbus that provides training for both military and civil pilots, has received its first shipment of Elixir training aircraft, which are more fuel-efficient and quieter than previously used aircraft.

By incorporating two Electronic Flight Instrument Systems (EFIS) and a cockpit tailored for the Airbus Flight Academy, the initial four aircraft (out of eight to be delivered) are outfitted with the means to acquaint cadet pilots with the cutting-edge technologies found in contemporary commercial planes.

The primary objective of the 2006-founded Airbus Flight Academy Europe was to furnish facilities and services that facilitate the initiation, fundamental, and advanced education of military and civil pilots. Since 2019, Airbus Flight Academy Europe has provided the Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme, an initiative it developed to educate its pilots. Situated in Angoulême, a region in the southwestern part of France, the training centre is endowed with every training asset and facility required to provide our trainees with optimal conditions for instruction.

The Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme is available globally to high school graduates over eighteen. Before becoming eligible for training, consisting of more than 800 hours of ground school and 200 hours of practical (flight and simulator) training, candidates will be subjected to online and on-site screening examinations. An estimated eighty candidates undergo training annually at the Airbus Flight Academy Europe.

Airbus Flight Academy Europe is the owner of a collection of aircraft that are all dedicated to cadet training. These aircraft include a Diamond DA42, Cirrus SR20, Grob 120 A-F, and the latest four Elixir aircraft. In addition, Airbus Flight Academy Europe operates a fleet of two FNPT II-qualified simulators on its premises and at customer sites to provide the most effective training solutions for student pilots.



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