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Antarctica: A Sanctuary for Peace, Says US, Countering Iran’s Military Aspirations

In response to Iran’s efforts to create a military facility in that region, the United States Department of State has indicated that it is opposed to conducting military activities in the South Pole. During a press conference on October 2, the spokesperson for the department, Matthew Miller, said that the Antarctic continent must remain a haven for peaceful exploration and scientific research and that the US remains committed to the Antarctic Treaty of 1959, which explicitly prohibits the establishment of military bases in Antarctica. He said that the US vehemently opposes efforts to militarise any section of the Antarctic continent, even though Iran is not a party to the treaty.

Miller emphasised that there is no room for military activity in that one-of-a-kind setting, whether they come from Iran or any other party. 

He continued by saying that the US believes Iran’s missiles violate United Nations Security Council resolutions on ballistic missiles because they violate defined launch platforms.

The US Department of State released the statement just a few days after Iran revealed that it intended to fly its flag at the South Pole as part of a plan that Admiral Shahram Irani, the commander of the Iranian Navy, had outlined.

Last Thursday, the Iranian news agency known as “Fars” said that the intentions of the Iranian Navy align with words made by Iran’s Supreme Leader, which he referred to as “strategic strength.”

When Iran decided to have a significant presence at sea, one of the obstacles it faced was a lack of past expertise in this field. The Commander of the Iranian Navy, Shahram Irani, announced that Iran will conduct combined scientific and military operations in the South Pole. He added that Iran experienced challenges when it made this decision.

He emphasised that Iran has successfully overcome the desires of other countries trying to keep it from being present at sea and surmounted that obstacle at the peak of the conspiracy it faces through the Maritime Patrol Mission 86 in international waters. He emphasised that Iran has succeeded in overcoming the desires of other countries, trying to prevent it from being present at sea.



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