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Belarus tests the modernised T-72BM2 tank


The State Military Industrial Committee of Belarus has tested a modernised T-72BM2 tank to overcome water barriers, the press service of the State Military Industry Committee reported on Saturday.

The State Military Industry Committee of Belarus conducted a series of tests on a prototype of the T-72BM2 tank created by specialists from the OJSC 140 Repair Plant. One of the tests involved determining whether or not the tank could overcome a water obstacle. According to the report, the test procedures confirmed the tank’s requirements regarding its level of tightness.

According to the report, technicians from OJSC Repair Plant 140 used the capabilities of the BREM-70MB1 armoured Recovery Vehicle to assist in preparing the tank to overcome the water barrier.

Earlier, Dmitry Pantus, the president of the State Committee for Military Industry of the Republic, stated that the Belarusian army would receive up to 30 T-72BM2 tanks by the end of the year that Belarusian businesses of the defence sector had modernised. This is an entirely Belarusian version of modernisation, carried out purely on the competencies of local firms, which was a point that was repeatedly driven home during the presentation.

New sighting systems, including a thermal imaging sight, were installed on the tanks, along with improved armour protection, a more powerful engine (producing 840 horsepower), and a higher level of armour protection. It is now possible to fire any 125-mm rounds from the regular 2A46 gun, including up-to-date tank-guided projectiles, thanks to the modifications that have been made.

BREM-70MB1 armoured repair-evacuation vehicle

The BREM-70MB1 armoured repair-evacuation vehicle was developed by the “140th Repair Plant” of the State Military-Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus (DHSK) based on the modified BTR-70 MB 1 armoured personnel carrier.

The BREM-70MB1 vehicle is outfitted with a 7.62 mm PKT machine gun turret from a BTR-70 armoured personnel carrier to cover repair-evacuation vehicles and crews of damaged armoured vehicles during combat operations. The battle ammo package contains 2000 cartridges. It is outfitted with six units of the universal 902V “Tucha-2” system, which fires 81 mm smoke grenades to create camouflage. Grenades are hurled from 200-300 metres, forming a 50×28-meter-wide smoke screen.

Two axle cranes with load capacities of 800 kg (rotating) and 1200 kg (non-rotating), a two-block tension winch, a removable metal cargo platform with a load capacity of at least 200 kilograms, a QDE-25 welding generator, a set of staff tools, and special fixtures and layouts are included in the repair and evacuation equipment.

For earthworks, a unique blade is fitted in the front lower half of the body.

The vehicle is outfitted with a Belarusian-made R-181-50TU “Drofa” radio station to ensure a robust and dependable connection.

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