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India tests Brahmos with domestic fuel and seeker

On March 5th, India achieved a crucial technological advancement in military defence, which it announced. The Indian Navy successfully launched a supersonic cruise missile equipped with a BrahMos and hit a target in the Arabian Sea. The seeker and the fuel on board the missile were products of domestic research. This success demonstrates India’s commitment to increasing its self-reliance in the area of defence and assuming a role as a regional security player. India and Russia worked together to create BrahMos, a supersonic cruise missile they designed and built.

JSC VPK NPO Mashinostroeniya and the Defense Research and Development Department (DRDO) of the Indian Ministry of Defense collaborated on developing the supersonic PJ-10 BrahMos missile. The BrahMos joint venture was established in the year 1998. In addition to missiles that can be launched into the air, there are also land, sea, and underwater missiles in development. 

Because of its ability to achieve supersonic flight speeds and pinpoint accuracy when engaging targets, it is considered one of the world’s most sophisticated missiles. India has accumulated substantial experience in the field of defence, with a particular emphasis on cutting-edge technology such as anti-missile defence, air defence systems, ballistic and cruise missiles, combat drones, and more. India’s collaboration with Russia, a vital ally in advancing Russia’s military technologies, has helped the country build up its competence in this area.

In addition, India has made efforts to expand its capacity to produce armaments and become a significant exporter of small arms and ammunition. The objective is to enhance the nation’s capacity for self-defence while simultaneously stimulating the economy by exporting cutting-edge military technologies.



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