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Iran Accuses Israel of Most Significant Industrial Sabotage Operation on its Missile Program

On August 31, the Iranian news agency “IRNA” said that the rocket and space industries under the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics were the target of the most significant industrial sabotage operation. The description was based on information from an official from the ministry who wished to remain anonymous.

A thoroughly professional network intended, in recent months, in partnership with infiltrators, to insert defective parts into the production process of advanced missiles within the missile industries of the Ministry of Defence, the official noted.

The official clarified that this network, under direct guidance from the Israeli foreign intelligence agency Mossad, intended to convert the produced missiles into explosive devices by selling equipped components into explosives to target industrial facilities and employees in this field. The official also confirmed that elements of this sabotage network have been arrested and their operations have been neutralised but did not provide further details.

According to the official, the intelligence operation is the most complicated one carried out in recent times, and the Zionist entity has been dealt a serious setback due to having its plot foiled.

According to Deputy Minister of Defence Mehdi Riahi, who the agency quoted, the network members attempted to plant explosives in the missiles so that they would explode at particular times and places.

Iran's Paveh cruise missile Wana
Iran’s Paveh cruise missile Wana. Image: IRGC

In recent years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been the victim of several sabotage attempts directed towards its nuclear and missile programmes. The Islamic Republic has pointed the finger of blame at its two most sworn adversaries, Israel and the United States. In addition, it accuses them of being responsible for the assassinations and attempts to assassinate scientists and specialists involved in such programs, which causes concerns among the Western nations.

In January, Iran accused the state of Israel of being the mastermind behind an effort to strike a facility belonging to the Ministry of Defence in the province of Isfahan, which is located in the centre of Iran.

The United States and Israel accuse Iran of utilising its development of missiles and drones to target US military and commercial ships with ties to Israel stationed in the Gulf region and countries in the region.



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