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Mumbai to Russia in 18 days, Small Indian Shipping Lines Streamline Routes via Suez Canal

Small Indian shipping companies offer shortened delivery times for cargo through the Suez Canal – shipments from Mumbai to Novorossiysk can take about 18 days instead of 25 days, according to information provided to RIA Novosti by the transport and logistics company Asia Import Group.

Asia Import Group says it has reviewed the offers of several organizations and is currently studying the possibility of transporting goods in this way.

The reduction in delivery times, as explained by Asia Import Group, is primarily due to the decrease in the number of stops by small vessels at ports along the route. This streamlined approach to shipping can significantly improve the efficiency of the Mumbai to Novorossiysk route. Earlier, Asia Import Group reported that delivering goods from India to the port of Novorossiysk via the Red Sea is significantly faster than along the coast of Africa, taking 25 days. The route around the Cape of Good Hope takes an average of 35 days.

Despite the ongoing tense situation in the Red Sea, which has been observed for several months now, many vessels continue to transit through it. This is primarily due to the fast shipping of goods. 

In April, Asia Import Group alerted RIA Novosti to the fact that some foreign shipping companies are adding $200-300 to $1000 to the cost of delivering one container due to increased risks in the Red Sea. The situation is tense, with attacks by Houthi rebels on ships and the re-emergence of Somali pirates after a decade of relative calm. 

The transport and logistics company Asia Import Group plays a crucial role in international trade. It assists in finding reliable suppliers of goods abroad, carefully vetting each potential partner to ensure quality and reliability. It then develops optimal delivery routes for cargo, taking into account factors such as cost, time, and safety. This meticulous approach ensures that the company can organize efficient cargo transportation by sea, road, rail, and air. It delivers cargo from a wide range of countries, including China, India, Turkey, Korea, Kazakhstan, the UAE, Thailand, and Vietnam.



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