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Putin Pokes at Biden’s Paper Peeking, Prefers Him over Unpredictable Trump


Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, has expressed his preference for Joe Biden, the incumbent head of state of the United States, over Donald Trump, the candidate of the Republican Party for this position, in his capacity as President of the United States. “Biden. He is a more experienced person, he is predictable, he is a politician of the old formation,” said the Russian President in an interview released on Wednesday, February 14th, to the author of the program “Moscow.Kremlin.Putin” Pavel Zarubin. At the same time, Putin added: “But we will work with any leader of the United States whom the American people trust.”

Putin on Trump

Putin characterised Donald Trump as an ad hoc politician due to his stance on the optimal approach for the United States to establish diplomatic ties with its allies, which Trump deems incompatible with the established system.

Trump called Putin’s choice a compliment. He noted that under the current American leader, the Russian president “will be given everything he wants, including Ukraine,” and assured that he would do more to help Ukraine than Biden.

The US Senate Intelligence Committee concluded in 2020 that Russia made an effort to exert influence over the 2016 US presidential elections to support Trump.

Putin on Biden’s health

Vladimir Putin said it would be “incorrect” to influence the US presidential race, but he did react to allegations regarding Biden’s health. He reminded that during their last meeting at the summit in Switzerland, “it was already said that he ( Joe Biden – Ed.) was not fit.” “I haven’t seen anything like that. Yes, he peeked into his paper. Frankly, I peeked into mine. Nothing like that. The fact that somewhere, getting out of a helicopter, he hit his head on the helicopter – well, who among us hasn’t hit their head somewhere,” noted the Russian President.

The Republican and Democratic parties have not yet chosen their candidates for the presidential election, but Biden and Trump are confidently ahead of their competitors. According to the results of a January CNN poll, 49% of US voters would support Trump, and 45% would support Biden. The study showed that both politicians have a high anti-rating (59% for Biden versus 55% for Trump).

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