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Russia’s Next-Gen Space Station to Offer Full View of Earth, Feature Visiting Mode

The Russian Orbital Station’s (ROS) preliminary design has received approval from Roscosmos.

According to the state corporation, the station’s most notable feature is its modular architecture. A nodal module featuring six docking ports serves as the foundation for this architecture, enabling the attachment of other modules. This modular construction extends the station’s service life for decades, allowing for the replacement of individual modules as their resources deplete.

Russian Orbital Station
Russian Orbital Station

Another distinction from the International Space Station (ISS) will be the orbit around the Earth with nearly twice the inclination, thereby providing a view of the entire Earth’s surface as opposed to approximately 60% visible from the ISS, of which only about 10% is Russian territory.

Additionally, there are plans to implement the possibility of visiting mode, which means it will be feasible to operate ROS without the permanent presence of cosmonauts. This is something that is now not possible on the International Space Station (ISS).

According to Roscosmos, one of ROS’s most significant benefits is its high energy, which makes it possible to test and develop technologies for high-demand equipment in our space industry. These technologies include high-power radars and antenna systems.

The timeline predicts the construction of the ROS between 2027 and 2032.



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