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Sullivan’s Warning: Voting Against Ukraine Aid Boosts Putin’s Strategic Advantage

Either Vladimir Putin wins the conflict, or new aid is provided to Ukraine. The message the White House conveys to the Congress of the United States is very clear: there is a fork in the road that lies ahead, and a decision must be taken regarding which way to go. Kyiv requires aid to carry on with the struggle. There is no way to change the outcome if Washington turns off the water supply by shutting off the taps. According to Jake Sullivan, the National Security Advisor to the White House, it is that simple. Congress must decide whether or not to continue supporting the struggle for freedom in Ukraine within the framework of the coalition of fifty nations or whether or not to ignore the lessons that have been learned from history and allow Putin to prevail.

The White House has presented the scenario in a letter that was delivered to the Capitol by Shalanda Young, the head of the budget office. According to the scenario, if Congress fails to take action, the United States will run out of funding to assist Ukraine with weapons and equipment by the end of the year. The US has exhausted its financial resources and is virtually out of time. There are sixty-one billion dollars ready to be sent to Kyiv; however, while the vote in the Senate is a formality, the one in the House is a mystery. Republicans are not unanimous in their support for the legislation, and some of them are asking for a separate vote on the package that guarantees funding to Israel. The prospect of a disastrous defeat for Kyiv is imminent, with a single and separated vote from support for Israel.

A vote against aiding Ukraine is a vote to better Putin’s strategic position, according to Sullivan, who says that he believes that any member of Congress who does not support money for Ukraine is voting for a result that would make it easier for Putin to prevail. 



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