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UFOs and Aliens – Neil deGrasse Tyson Suggests Government’s Inability to Hide Secrets

After a hearing held by the House Oversight Committee on unidentified anomalous phenomena, generally known as UFOs, the question of extraterrestrial life has become an even more contentious issue in the American media. This has been the case for several months now.

In a recent interview, the American astronomer, author, and television broadcaster Neil deGrasse Tyson declared that the government of the United States can’t conceal the fact that alien life exists.

Tyson expressed his views after being questioned by a tabloid newspaper from the United States at the Los Angeles International Airport in California. The newspaper asked him whether the government should be more transparent and honest with the American public over the matter.

Playfully, Tyson doubted the reporter’s faith that the government could hide such a secret.

In the event of an invasion by alien beings, it is quite possible that information about the event would go outside the jurisdiction of the government of the United States, he said. The host of “Cosmos” clarified that there is a general cognisance of the subject matter in answer to queries regarding the extent to which the United States government knows about extraterrestrial people and unidentified flying objects.

US Navy alleged UFO image
US Navy alleged UFO image

Because just about everybody these days has a camera in their smartphone, we are effectively crowdsourcing an alien invasion of Earth, he explained further.

Tyson explained that the only way for the United States government to know about aliens or extraterrestrials before the rest of Earth would be if these beings had a particular affinity for the United States government and the Navy.

There are things in the sky that aren’t fully comprehended. Tyson added that he feels some of the federal government’s budget should be allocated to examining extraterrestrial activities. He thinks this is necessary because he doesn’t want to be vulnerable to a peril we don’t know about.

During the first Republican primary debate, which took place on Wednesday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the topic of extraterrestrial flying objects (UFOs) was brought up. Chris Christie, a former governor of New Jersey, was recently asked if he would if elected President, tell the American public the truth about the government’s interactions with extraterrestrial beings and unusual aerial phenomena (UAPs) or unidentified flying objects (UFOs) if he had the chance.

Christie responded that the President of the United States should be honest with the American people about everything.

After the hearing in Congress a month ago on the subject of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), the moderator, Martha MacCallum, elaborated on her question by stating that a greater number of people in the United States are concerned about UFOs. During the hearing, three retired military personnel testified before Congress that, in their opinion, the United States government possesses more information about extraterrestrials and unidentified flying objects than is currently available to the general public.



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