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Tata Motors Introduces Intra V70, Intra V20 Gold, and Ace HT+

Tata Motors has introduced the brand-new Intra V70, Intra V20 Gold, and Ace HT+ as part of its initiative to improve the efficiency of first-mile and last-mile transportation. Due to improved economics, these newly developed vehicles are designed to transport greater payloads over extended distances. These vehicles are adaptable to various uses, increasing productivity and profitability in India’s urban and rural areas. 

Additionally, Tata Motors introduced redesigned iterations of its bestselling Intra V50 and Ace Diesel automobiles, which were enhanced to reduce fuel consumption and ownership costs. With these new introductions, Tata Motors provides the most extensive selection of light commercial vehicles and pickups, allowing customers to select the vehicle that best meets their needs. Currently accepting reservations for these vehicles at all Tata Motors CV dealerships nationwide.

Customers of Tata Motors also benefit from the most extensive selection of value-added services. Tata Motors reaffirms its core dedication to customer satisfaction through the provision of a comprehensive Sampoorna Seva 2.0 programme, assistance from India’s largest service network, and the advantages of the cutting-edge telematics system Fleet Edge, which facilitates efficient fleet management. These annual maintenance contracts offer convenience and readily available spares for optimal uptime.

Introducing these novel automobiles is bolstered through a strategic marketing initiative to increase brand recall, consumer outreach, and top-of-mind recognition. This influential campaign uses digital technologies, such as influencer engagement and social media, and a robust presence in traditional marketing and advertising channels.

Tata Intra V70

A powerful drivetrain, enhanced manoeuvrability, maximum payload capacity, a spacious loading area, and elevated ground clearance are all features of the Intra-generation pickup. It is equipped with a dependable 1.5-litre diesel engine, a Fleet Edge telematics system, and a 9.7-foot-long cargo body. Its cabin is intended to provide travelling fatigue-free conditions and car-like comfort.

Key features – Intra V70

  • Highest rated payload: 1700kg
  • Powered by 1.5L diesel engine with 220Nm torque
  • Longest load body of 2960mm

 Tata Intra V20 Gold bi-fuel with a range of over 800km and payload capability of 1200kg

Designed to facilitate a hassle-free journey, India’s first and sole bi-fuel pickup combines compressed natural gas (CNG) profitability and efficiency with an all-terrain capability and a Fleet Edge telematics system to optimise fleet administration. Its increased payload capacity of 1,200 kilogrammes and three CNG canisters enable it to operate anywhere, ensuring uninterrupted operations and increased profits.

Key features – Intra V20 Gold

  • Maximum range of over 800km
  • Highest rated payload capacity of 1200kg
  • Class leading load body length of 2690mm

 Tata Ace HT+

This most successful commercial vehicle in India, purchased by over 20 lakh individuals, is now equipped with a longer cargo body, an increased payload capacity of 900kg, and a turbocharged diesel engine for enhanced power and efficiency. The dependable aggregates contribute to reduced maintenance expenses and increased revenue. It offers a dual benefit: the operational cost-effectiveness of the Tata Ace, coupled with performance and power comparable to pickups.

Key features – Ace HT+

  • High payload capacity of 900kg
  • Reliable 800cc diesel engine with 35bhp power and 85Nm torque
  • Longest deck length in segment

In addition, the Tata Intra V50 now features user-friendly emission technology that reduces its clients’ ownership costs. The Ace Diesel has undergone extensive refinement to effortlessly adjust to a wide variety of operational cycles, thereby guaranteeing peak performance.



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