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Tata Takes Bite of Apple with Huge iPhone Assembly Plant, 50,000 Jobs on the Way

The Indian giant Tata Group intends to construct one of the largest iPhone assembly plants in the country’s southern region. According to Bloomberg, the facility’s construction is scheduled to take place in the city of Hosur, which is in Tamil Nadu. Operations are anticipated to begin within twelve to eighteen months, and about twenty assembly lines will be created over the subsequent two years. Fifty thousand personnel are expected to be employed by the factory.

At this time, neither Apple nor Tata has formally confirmed this information.

Rajiv Chandrasekhar, the Indian Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, announced that the Tata Group would begin manufacturing iPhones for domestic and international markets in two and a half years. This announcement was made at the end of October. It was through Tata’s acquisition of a plant from one of Apple’s suppliers, the Taiwanese business Wistron Corp, that this was made possible. The plant in question was in the state of Karnataka, located in southern India.

The Tata Group is now in a position to become the first Indian company to assemble iPhones for all markets, including the Indian market as well as the worldwide market. Assembly of the iPhone 14 has already begun at the plant owned by Wistron Corporation in Karnataka.



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