Five hot trends set by Princess Diana

On the birthday of the "People's Princess" we invite you to plunge into the past and find out what fashion trends Lady Di predicted.

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Princess Diana has always been a style icon. The period of her ascent to the fashionable Olympus fell at the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s. Diana was one of the first to “walk” bike shorts, tuck trousers into boots and mix different clothing styles. Thus, she set many trends that we follow today.

On the occasion of Diana Spencer’s birthday (July 1, she would have turned 61!), we have collected some relevant looks from the wardrobe of the Princess of Wales. And we invite you to get inspired by them!

sporty chic

Even while working out in the gym, Lady Dee remained the epitome of style: “varsity” sweatshirts, bike shorts, totes and sunglasses.

Modern trendsetters and fashion bloggers have adopted this technique and begun copying Diana’s images.


Diana loved to create unusual casual looks and combine things from different “operas” long before the appearance of the normcore style.

For example, she wore baseball caps, an oversized jacket, wide white trousers and Cossacks.


The princess was not afraid to experiment with colourful prints, but she most loved polka dots.

Kate Middleton also adopted a love for this romantic pattern: the Duchess more than once “walked” dresses with polka dots, imitating her late mother-in-law.

Jackets and suits

Flamboyant jackets and structured suits were the staples of Lady Dee’s wardrobe.

The mother of princes Harry and William adored models with “sharp” lapels and “masculine” two-piece suits.

Mom jeans and shirt

Diana wore the basic outfit of fashionistas – jeans with a white shirt – long before it became a trend.

The princess diluted her laconic and stylish look with accessories – belts, jewellery and her favourite Cartier watches.


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