France shuts down ‘Collective Against Islamophobia’

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A statement made by the Collective Against Islamophobia (CCIF) official responsible for the liquidation said that the Council of State approved the closure of CCIF. CCIF is said to be one of the leading organizations fighting discrimination against Islam and Muslims in the country.

In the statement condemning the decision of the Council of State, it was emphasized that this decision would be an important turning point in the institutionalization of oppression and arbitrariness in France.

In the statement, it was noted that they were concerned that its decision would pave the way for thought crimes, and it was stated that the only and main complaint against CCIF was the institution’s definition of Islamophobia.

“The form, content and scope of this decision should alarm all members of civil society committed to the rule of law.” In the statement using the expression, it was underlined that CCIF has not been tried or accused by official authorities even once in its 17-year existence.

François Burgat, research director and political scientist at the Center for Arab and Muslim World Studies ( IREMAM ) in France, said the decision of the Council of State, “It is a sickening day that will be recorded in the recent history of France and the record of the high judicial authorities.” interpreted as.

CCIF applied to the Council of State on January 31 to appeal the closure decision.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin announced on his Twitter account on November 2, 2020, that CCIF was closed by order of President Emmanuel Macron and the decision of the Council of Ministers.

CCIF, which had previously stopped its activities in the country and moved its operations abroad, applied to the Council of State on January 31 to appeal the closure decision.

Using the authority under Article L212-1 of the Internal Security Code, the French government had alleged that CCIF’s activities provoke or propagate theories tending to encourage or justify discrimination, hate, or violence on the basis of a person or group’s origin, ethnicity, nationality, race, or religion and that it has engaged in actions aimed at provoking acts of terrorism in France or abroad.

As per the French, CCIF describes certain counterterrorism measures as Islamophobic should not be equated with spreading or supporting ideas that can give rise to acts of hatred, discrimination, or violence.


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