Indian entities place order for oxygen generators from China

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The Modi Government is now cooperating with China to get urgently needed medical supplies after creating a self goal of ignoring the COVID-19 Pandemic. PM Narendra Modi has been criticised for choosing his self image and focus on politics rather than the pandemic in India. He has been also termed as ‘super spreader’ by various quarters. The move comes at a time when China has refused to vacate land occupied in Ladakh during the tenure of PM Narendra Modi.

“Chinese companies have been accelerating production of at least 40,000 oxygen generators orders placed by (the) Indian side & are working at a fast pace to deliver asap. Many Chinese firms & private organizations are also using their own channels to provide various help to India,” tweeted Sun Weidong, the Chinese Ambassador to India. He didn’t specify which Indian entities ordered the equipment.

“Since this April, China has supplied more than 5000 ventilators, 21569 oxygen generators, over 21.48 million masks & around 3800 tons of medicines to India, according to statistics of the General Administration of Customs of China,” said Sun Weidong on April 29th.

In a reply to Actor Sonu Sood who has been working on providing relief for the COVID-19 affected families, the Chinese Ambassador tweeted ” To my knowledge, freight air routes from China to India are operating normally. The past two weeks have witnessed 61 freight flights from China to India in operation.” He also tweeted photos and videos of medical equipment being loaded on aircraft at a Chinese airport.

Sonu Sood and multitude of organisations and individuals have been helping people without the politics and drama normally associated with the Modi Government. Most of the journalists who have been verifying facts on the ground are being relentlessly trolled by the BJP’s troll armies and self appointed protectors of religion. The state of Uttar Pradesh has been arresting journalists under the pretext of stopping the ‘spread of rumours’. 

The Chinese State Councilor & Foreign Minister Wang Yi held a phone call with the Indian Foreign Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar. Wang said China will spare no efforts to provide support and help to India. Wang said China will adopt 3 measures to offer further help to India: continue to encourage and support Chinese companies to expedite production and offer medical supplies to India.

Dr. S. Jaishankar said that India thanks China for its sympathies & support and is looking forward to stronger cooperation between two sides through the 3 measures.


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