Mars Retrograde and how it will affect you

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Planet Mars is in retrograde from September 10 till November 14, 2020.  As you know that Mars is the planet of our physical image. It controls our persistence, our willingness to act, our will, our courage and it gives us the ability to achieve our goals. So, this is the planet of the patience, our sexual energy and of course Mars is the planet of action.

When it is in retrograde, it brings changes to our behaviours and our problematic behaviour of the past will not bring us the result. So, we become more aggressive and get provoked into conflicts.  Our understanding can become clouded and we face a lot of unpleasant moments. We come into conflict in our personal relations, work and business.

Mars retrograde is not the right time to start something new or a business or make a deal or sign a contract. It is also not a good time to buy automobiles and devices. When Mars goes to the normal path, the situation will change.  

And it’s not a good time to travel or trips unless you are going to the place where you have been before and many times. If it is possible, it is better to postpone a surgery.

Changing your job is also not advisable as it will be difficult to build relationships with colleagues and boss. It is also not a good time to make a real estate deal.

Please don’t buy, sell, exchange or relocate in this period. Try to wait till Mars becomes direct.

But if a project or deal has already started you can continue. You can go for further medical examinations.

Be careful if you are travelling by a vehicle or walking as the chances of accidents are high during this period. You can expect breakdowns of cars and equipment more often.

Be careful with the sharp objects and so please don’t just install fire places or stoves.  People who are entrepreneurs, security guards, fire fighters, police officials, military personnel, surgeons, cooks (as it involves using knives and scalpel) should be really careful.  Sports persons may find it getting difficult in achieve desired results.

In general, we can say Mars is more of a male planet and can affect men more than women.  

This is not a good time for personal relationships as we can start quarrels as we mentioned before. The sexual drive can decrease and we can have emotional rollercoaster.

Your ex-partner can reenter your life and you can renew a relationship but when Mars goes direct you can understand that you don’t need this relationship anymore.

On the positive note, this is a good time to finish all that you have started and which you have put off for a later time. Projects can be revived during this time. It is also a good time for sports, relaxation and yoga.


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