Prototype creation starts for the Indian Army Mobile Integrated Network Terminal

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The Indian has placed Project Sanction Order for prototype development of Mobile Integrated Network Terminal (MINT) to 11 Indian Firms under Make II category of DAP 2020.  The Directorate of System Applications (DSA), Integrated HQ of MoD (Army) had earlier asked the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) or their partners/System Integrators (SIs) to formulate Request for Proposal (RFP) for MINT. The Indian Army Mobile Integrated Network Terminal field wireless system is expected to be 4G-equivalent or greater with a single handheld device, with support for voice, video and data services.

 Indian Army MINT comprises of satellite connectivity and IP Radio at the backhaul while on the access side it will provide voice and data connectivity to the user based on Field Wireless System and Legacy Interface Device. The Satellite Terminal, IP Radio, Legacy Interface Device, Field Wireless System and local exchange are integrated.

The equipment is to be carried in a 2.5 Ton or Light Vehicle but is a modular design enabling the equipment to be completely removed, including the satellite system, from the vehicle and shifted in a mule pack and man portable mode for establishing in a quick time frame. It is capable of being operated in a stand alone mode if required.

 MINT is integrated into the satellite hub with the existing voice and data networks of the Army with encryption on a KU Band. It is capable of supporting all or at least one of CDMA, GSM and TETRA connectivity in the proposed defence band.

MINT is meant for use in the mountains and high altitude terrain for seamless communication. About 129 MINTS are proposed to be ordered for the Indian Army Corps of Signals.


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