Role of positive emotion in coping with stress

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An article in a publication of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) argues that making a concerted effort to increase positive emotion has the potential to improve wellness and address burnout in nurses. There are so many wellness programs and burnout prevention interventions to reduce the negative states, such as stress, depression and anxiety. However, individual-level interventions such as ours can help address burnout and compassion fatigue argues one of the Co-author Elaine Cheung, PhD. But this is true for general stress scenario among all kinds of people.

The authors have listed a number of steps for addressing negative situations at an individual level.

Noticing Positive Events: Take time to savour everyday positive moments, such as celebrating a milestone or appreciating meaningful interactions.

Capitalizing: Amplify and extend the impact of positive events to strengthen the connection between the event and the emotions. One could confide it in a friend about the event or sharing it on social media or writing about it in a journal.

Gratitude: Nurture a sense of thankfulness and express gratitude to self and others.

Positive Reappraisal: Reframe the significance of negative or stressful events in a more positive way.

Mindfulness: Focus on the present moment, in a non-judgmental manner, like meditation or informal activities that incorporate mindfulness into everyday workplace activities.

Personal Strengths: Recognize and appreciate one’s unique set of strengths, skills and talents, and acknowledge those of others.

Attainable Goals: Establish and pursue personal and team goals for a greater sense of control in a sometimes hectic and often unpredictable work environment.

Self-Compassion: Be kind and understanding toward oneself and help create a workplace culture where personal experiences with errors and feelings of inadequacy are openly shared and addressed.

Compassion Toward Others: Help others with seemingly small gestures that provide emotional support and build an overall culture of collaboration and teamwork.


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