Russia tests amphibious tank Sprut-SDM1 in the Black Sea

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The Sprut-SDM1 light amphibious tank has successfully passed the first stage of state tests in the Black Sea, says the Rostec release. Tank Sprut-SDM1 has passed the first stage of state tests in sea conditions. As part of the first stage of sea trials, the vehicle showed high navigability during inspections in the Black Sea and showed the possibility of transportation by large landing ships, as per Rostec.

Sprut-SDM1 is a combat armored tracked amphibious vehicle with an artillery and missile weapon system of 125 mm caliber. The tank travels a distance of 500 kilometers without refueling. It can be transported by landing ships and military transport aircraft. A parachute can land the tank along with the crew on board.

As part of the second stage, which will begin soon, the machine will have to demonstrate the operation of the 125-mm self-propelled anti-tank gun 2S25, and the effectiveness of its use in normal sea conditions, as well as sea state 3. The 125mm 2A75 cannon can fire guided missiles, APFSDS, HEAT and HEF projectiles. For smaller targets there is a Remote Controlled Weapon Station with 7.62mm MG and a 7.62mm coaxial MG.

Sprut-SDM1 is not inferior in firepower to T-80 or T-90, and in terms of mobility on land and water is comparable to BMD-4M amphibious infantry fighting vehicle. The tank’s role includes reconnaissance, employed as part of raid or forward detachments, maneuvering defense, wading through water obstacles, amphibious operations, and control of the territory. Sprut-SDM1 accommodates a crew of three, weighs about 18 – 21 tons and floats for up to 7 hours. Equipped with a 450 hp engine the tank has a top speed of 70 KMPH.

Sprut was created for the Russian Airborne Forces. India has showed interest in acquiring these tanks.

Sprut is scheduled to undergo climatic tests in the fall. The tank has already proven its efficiency in high temperatures, now it has to withstand operation in cold conditions. The new tank will also have to travel 8 thousand kilometers – the full volume of the guaranteed mileage, proving the reliability and reliability of the systems.

The entire cycle of tests of the Sprut is scheduled to be completed in early 2022. If successful, the design documentation for a light amphibious tank will be assigned the letter ‘O1’, which allows the serial production of vehicles. 

India plans to buy Sprut-SDM1 for deployment on high altitudes.


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