Russia to test Orion UCAV with 9K121 Vikhr missile in anti tank role

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The Russian Orion UCAV, as part of the ongoing tests of the weapons complex, will perform the first launch of Vikhr anti-tank guided missiles in the fall, a source in the military-industrial complex told the media. The  9K121 Vikhr missile (vikhr means Whirlwind), NATO name AT-16 Scallion, is a Russian laser guided anti-tank missile. First displayed in 1991, the missile can be fired from helicopters.

“The first launches of the Vikhr missiles from the UAV against targets imitating enemy armoured vehicles are scheduled for this fall at military training grounds”, said the source.

“Currently, work is underway to integrate modernized anti-tank missiles of the Vikhr-M complex on Orion. In autumn, the first drone firing of the missile from a drone will be conducted at the military training ground at ground targets imitating enemy armored vehicles,” the source said.

The source added that “the introduction of the Vikhr ATGM into the Orion’s armament will significantly increase the device’s capabilities for destroying heavily armored vehicles on the battlefield, including the most modern and protected tanks.”

He noted that Vikhr has a high probability of hitting moving targets of the “tank” type – it is more than 80%.

The interlocutor also added that one unmanned aircraft from the Orion complex will be able to carry two Vikhr guided missiles, which will be suspended from the vehicle in containers on the underwing pylons.


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