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Russian tennis player Daria Kasatkina admits that she is a lesbian

Daria Kasatkina said that she has a girlfriend.

Daria Kasatkina admits she is a lesbian
Daria Kasatkina, in Black. Image: Twitter.

Tennis player Daria Kasatkina spoke about her homosexuality in an interview with sports blogger Vitya Kravchenko.

“I’m a little nervous. It hasn’t been so frankly yet. So, it hasn’t been on camera yet. But I’m really cool,” Kasatkina explained her excitement.

The athlete answered in the affirmative when asked if she had a girlfriend.

Daria Kasatkina in a bikini. Image: Twitter

Kasatkina said that she was delighted with the story of the football player Nadezhda Karpova, who had previously become the first professional Russian athlete to decide on a public coming out.

In mid-June, it was reported that Russian tennis player Daria Kasatkina helped her rival from Ukraine, Angelina Kalinina, who was injured during the competition.

At this time, Russia is actively fighting against LGBT at all levels. Laws are being passed to ban propaganda about homosexuality, and social activists are organizing events at which the triumph of traditional family values ​​is proclaimed.



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