Why obese people overeat?

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Overeating is one of the main reason for obesity and the researchers have pointed out the reason obese people overeat. As per the researchers including Priya Vijayvargiya say that the stomach capacity in obese people “changes to accommodate different eating situations, which has an effect on feelings of fullness and the urge to overeat.” As per the study, obese people have greater stomach capacity compared to leaner people.

There are multiple factors that lead to overeating including physical, genetic and social factors.

Another interesting result of the study was the manner obese people handle food at a buffet. The measurements were arrived after fasting, drinking a nutritional drink and after the buffet. It was found that “increased food intake at the buffet was associated with reduced ability to control the urge to eat food.” 

“Overall, the results suggest that the size of the stomach during fasting and its reflex enlargement after a meal are one set of determinants of food intake. However, the brain controls some of eating and drinking behaviour, showing the urge to eat is sometimes difficult to control, regardless of fullness,” infers the study.


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