Acer Enduro N3 laptop for frequent travellers in India

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Acer has introduced Acer Enduro N3 laptop, a thin and light 14-inch IP53-rated laptop for frequent travellers and rugged users in India. The (MIL-STD-810G) Military-grade laptop features up to 10th Gen Intel Core, weighs just 1.985kg and is just 24.85mm high. Enduro N3 is fast performing with memory expandable up to 32GB DDR4 and 512GB PCIe Gen3 NVMe SSD. Acers Aquafan feature makes the laptop repel water and drops from all angles. For security, the laptop has Hardware TPM 2.0, fingerprint reader.  Acer Enduro N3  has 3 years of warranty.

The Enduro N3 laptop is made up of shock-absorbing honeycomb shell and is engineered to resist drops, falls, and water. The shock absorbent angles protect the hard drive. The portability focus makes it helpful for users who interchange between several worksites such as architects, project supervisors, field researchers, and scientists, nature photographers, news reporters and anyone who works in a harsher environment.

Not just harsh terrain, the laptop is built to operate even in wet weather conditions. Acer Enduro N3 laptop’s components are protected by IP53 level certification as mentioned above. The display is coated with Corning Gorilla Glass to safeguard the display from water in addition to the water-resistant Aquafan.

This physical shield comes on top of premium levels of protection against cyber threats thanks to technology like Discrete Trusted Platform Module, AEMS, and password-protected HDDs. 

Acer Enduro N3 laptop comes with a13-hour battery life and the pricing begins at Rs 76500/- onwards.


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