BMW R 1250 RS now with Dynamic Traction Control and ECO driving mode as standard

BMW Motorrad's R 1250 RS sports touring bike has been outfitted with various new features that are either standard or available as an option. New "ECO" driving mode assists riders in travelling in the most fuel-efficient manner possible. ShiftCam engine technology enables variable valve timing and valve lift on intake side of engine. Riding Modes Pro is available as factory-installed optional equipment for the R 1250 RS Adventure. Engine Drag Torque Control (MSR) can be used to safely avoid unstable driving situations. Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) option is also included in Riding Modes Pro.

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Joseph P Chacko
Joseph P Chacko
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In the world of sports touring, the iconic abbreviation “RS” of BMW Motorrad is synonymous with the excitement of sporty and dynamic driving on rural roads while, at the same time, enjoying superior comfort on longer trips. This is similar to the boxer engine. This is especially true of BMW Motorrad’s RS models. The BMW RS has always been a champion in driving dynamically, cornering, and completing long-distance stages with passengers and luggage. To guarantee that this will continue to be the case in the foreseeable future, BMW Motorrad has outfitted the new R 1250 RS with various new features that are either standard or available as an option to make sports touring even more exciting and unwinding.

As in the past, the iconic boxer engine with two cylinders provides forceful propulsion. Even with the current EU5 registration, it still has a displacement of 1,254 cm3 and can produce 136 horsepower. By utilising BMW’s ShiftCam technology, which enables variable valve timing and valve lift on the intake side of the engine, it can perform these feats. As a result, it operates in a manner that is not only extremely smooth and quiet but also boasts exceptional fuel consumption and emission values.

Riding Modes Pro

Riding Modes Pro is an optionally available upgrade that includes riding mode preselection and engine drag torque control (MSR). Because of the vehicle’s superior traction, the automatic stability control that comes standard in this vehicle offers a high level of driving safety. The new “ECO” driving mode is standard and assists riders in travelling in the most fuel-efficient manner possible. The ECO driving mode makes the cutting-edge BMW Motorrad ShiftCam engine technology possible for the rider. This is primarily done to get the greatest possible range. In ECO mode, the rider is prompted to go in a manner that is as economical with fuel as is reasonably practical, and the throttle curve and engine torque limitation are both moderated. When in ECO mode, the TFT colour display will reflect the efficiency on the status line located at the top. Suppose you need maximum performance for a certain driving situation, such as passing another vehicle while carrying a large load or going uphill. In that case, you can use the drive mode button to swiftly and conveniently switch to another driving mode.

Riding Modes Pro is available as factory-installed optional equipment for the brand-new R 1250 RS Adventure, allowing riders to customise their riding experience. This option provides extra independently programmable driving modes, which is only one of its many benefits. The rider can adjust the driving modes per their preferences on the dedicated driving mode button by utilising the driving mode preselection function. Another new feature included in the Pro driving mode is called Engine Drag Torque Control (MSR). It can be used to safely avoid the unstable driving situations that can develop when coasting or downshifting due to an excessive braking motor on the rear wheel. This can be done by using it to prevent unstable driving conditions.


The R 1250 RS is an extremely well-liked sports tourer, and the most recent iteration of this model comes standard with BMW’s Integral ABS Pro. It is a braking system that provides an even higher level of safety when braking, even when the vehicle is cornering, and it thinks, so to speak, even further ahead. As the idea of driving modes continues to gain traction, more new functionalities will be integrated into the system. For instance, the characteristics of the ABS control system will be further modified to correspond with the appropriate driving style. In addition to assisting the rider in emergency braking manoeuvres, the Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) option, which is included in Riding Modes Pro, is also available. Even in challenging circumstances, using DBC improves brake safety by reducing the likelihood of unintentional accelerator activation. During braking, the engine torque is lowered by adjusting the motor control to make the most of the power that the rear wheel contributes to the overall stopping distance. This maintains the bike’s stability and shortens the distance that must be travelled before stopping.


The new R 1250 RS has many of the same features as its predecessor, including a TFT colour display with integrated arrow navigation and comprehensive connectivity. The pilot has access to a variety of specialised displays that serve a variety of functions. This also incorporates the “Sport” Core Screen, which gives real-time information on the present and maximum lean angle and control interventions, such as ABS Pro or DTC. Redesigned LED turn signals and the classic daytime running light are among the brand new features that come standard (not permitted in all countries; without the daytime running light feature, the light icon is designed as a parking light). Included as standard are a USB socket and an intelligent emergency call.

Colour Scheme

Stylish performance touring: the new R 1250 RS comes standard with a base paint finish that looks great and two other variations called Triple Black and Sport. New specialised equipment has been added to the rear of the single-seater vehicle. Icegrey is a non-metallic colour scheme, and it looks great in combination with the black chassis that comes standard on the new BMW R 1250 RS. This colour scheme brings off the sophisticated sports touring attributes of the bike. The consumer can choose one of two colour schemes that are very expressive when they buy the Triple Black Sport model, which the manufacturer offers as a customisation option.


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