Can weapons be ever Be 100% Indigenized?

Can weapons be ever Be 100% Indigenized?

VAdm Vinod Pasricha (Retd) said that 100% of technology being built in any country is not a good idea. There are certain items which, if we import, we will not only get at a lower price, but we will also get them with complete knowledge.

Every day new weapons are being developed, and for us to get equipped with the latest ones, we need to develop some 90% of the items, and the 10% should not remain a part of Atmanirbhar, but it must be imported if we seek the best. After all, in war, you cannot go with the second-best.

For some reason, we have been very weak in our weapons today, which is an area we need to build up. If needed, import weapons on a one-time basis from abroad at whatever price we have to pay and then indigenize them for the future, but whenever we buy weapons, we must also ensure that we get the technology with it because many times we do not get the technology but just the weapon.

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