Covid 19 – An Epidemic or Pandemic or Mindemic

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Ashok Anand
Ashok Anand
Director – Novuchimie Life Sciences LLP, Mumbai. Former President, Hikal Vice President Nicholas Piramal Sales Manager Johnson & Johnson. *Views are personal

The whole world is grappling with novel coronavirus since the beginning of this year, though India started reacting only by mid March 2020. Well the opinions of WHO and the KNEEJERK reactions by various countries have created a fear psychosis which can be termed as MINDEMIC. Same WHO has changed their narratives and guidelines for treatment a number of times but fear embedded in the minds of people has not changed. Life has come to standstill and the resultant job losses, downing or rather drowning economic indicators have troubles masses to the hilt. There have been a lot of debates, discussions, lines of treatment, vaccines programmes but there is no light at the end of the tunnel. It has become a hit and trial mechanism.

However, the big question is how knowledgeable or ignorant we are about the so-called fatal disease. Positive cases are increasing but the mortality rate is decreasing. Mumbai is reporting with a far more increased number of tests, a lesser number of positive cases 700-1000, that too if they are really positive. When the number of tests being conducted was very low, Mumbai was reporting 5000-6000 positive cases every day, which is quite contrary to the theory of probability. There are many statistical models, forecasting grave concerns regarding explosive increase of positive cases in India, however, with the relaxation of lockdown in Delhi and Mumbai, the number of positive cases have come down.

As per serosurvey, conducted by BMC and TIFR, the most dreaded spot of Dharavi had 56% of the sample size who had antibodies for Covid-19 as compared to 16% of the population living in buildings. This means a large section already had an infection and got cured due to the presence of antibodies which normally happens in normal flu conditions. While new normal norms need to be respected and adhered to, there should not be excessive worry about getting succumbed to infection. And even if it happens, it will get cured.

A doctor named George C Fareed from the US has written a letter to WHO Head Dr Fauci clearly stating that his opinion of Hydroxyquinone not being effective and serious side effects with Hydroxyquinone (time tested drug of 65 years) used in combination with Zinc, Azithromycin or Doxycycline, works very well for Covid -19 patients. A news article by Dr Harvey Risch declares ‘The key to defeating Covid-19 already exists. We need to start using it.”

There are RT-PCR and Antigen tests available but both need to be done for confirmatory results. The big dilemma is patients with no symptoms are being found to be positive and with symptoms found to be negative.

Not conclusively, but practically Covid-19 is a flu with a very low fatality rate which was probably there with any other viral flu. Burdening the mind, sitting at home, will make people depressed and succumb to more serious illnesses. Many had predicted that this illness will hit the world in 2020 gives an air of doubt about the ulterior motives of superpowers in the world to destabilise the economy.


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