In India, a Chinese and Russian medical degree is valid only on studies in English, new rules

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The National Medical Commission (NMC) has approved stringent rules for those seeking medical degrees from abroad. Under the new laws, only those who have studied medicine in English medium from abroad will be recognized in the country. The government decision will give a big blow to the students going for medical education in Russia and China. Every year more than ten thousand students go to these countries for medical education. Most of them study medicine in Russian and Chinese languages. After the implementation of the new rules, such degrees will not be approved in the country.

NMC has notified Foreign Medical Graduate Licensing Rules 2021, in which many new provisions have been added. Along with English being the medium of medical education, many other standards have also been set. For example, the total duration of the medical course should not be less than 54 months. After completing the course, it will be mandatory for the students to do an internship of 12 months in the same institute. Earlier, students used to do it in other institutions too. A list of subjects taught in medicine has also been prepared by NMC, which aligns with the subjects taught in India. The NMC said that it could also review the subjects taught if required.

Under the new rules, students will have to do a 12-month internship again in India after coming back. Along with this, it will be necessary to pass the exit test or its equivalent examination. Only after this, they will be given permanent registration in the country to do medicine.

These conditions must also be followed

NMC has also added additional conditions necessary for the course to be approved for medical in the country where the student is doing medical. If a student applies for a license in India with a medical degree from China, then he should be eligible to get a medical license in China as well. The NMC said that students studying abroad should not take more than ten years to complete a medical degree in any form.

Why do Indian students prefer China for Medical studies?

China has no restrictions for international students and provides western equivalent facilities. Degrees from Chinese Medical Universities are recognized worldwide. Indian’s who study MBBS in China is allowed to practice as doctors in India, the US America and other western countries. Students don’t face the issue of donations or entrance exams. Usually, the university fees and the living cost, are affordable to Indian middle-class families.

The Chinese language is taught as an optional subject in the same fee structure which enables the Indian students to work or practice in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, since the Chinese language is also used in these countries by the local citizens.


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