Tribes of Midgard Season 3 is coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Tribes of Midgard would launch on Xbox and Nintendo Switch platforms in addition to PlayStation, Steam, and Epic Games Store.

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On August 16, Tribes of Midgard’s Season 3: Inferno Saga will debut as a free content update. Along with the new season, Norsfell and Gearbox Publishing also revealed that Tribes of Midgard would launch on Xbox and Nintendo Switch platforms in addition to PlayStation, Steam, and Epic Games Store.

With a brand-new Saga Quest, Saga Boss, Volcanic Spire Biome, Spear weapon, Fishing, and more, Season 3 is brimming with fresh stuff. The Survival 2.0 game mode, created from the ground up to offer a more adventurous experience that precedes the Village where Einherjar lives, is also being updated this season.

Inferno Saga

In Season 3, Midgard turns up the heat by introducing a burning Biome, a scorching Saga Boss, and flammable camps that bring the Inferno invasion to Midgard’s doorstep.

Season 3: Inferno Saga Features:

Saga Quest: Inferno

The Volcanic Spire’s interior is dangerous to approach. The stakes increase as the temperature rises. To get Muspelite and utilise it to open a Gateway to the new Biome, raid invading Outposts throughout Midgard. As you rise to confront the biggest Saga Boss yet, be prepared to battle against swarms of scorching enemies. This formidable foe begins a full-scale assault on Midgard from his lair at the top of the Volcanic Spire. Ragnarök must be stopped, and it is up to the Einherjar to put out the fires of his conquest.

Volcanic Spire

The Einherjar and the Inferno invasion fight it out on this molten continent known as the Volcanic Spire. It is home to several unusual and hazardous creatures, crafting resources, and dangers, so arm yourself with the proper equipment to tackle this new environment or risk being burnt. You probably shouldn’t swim because even the rivers are formed of lava.

Survival 2.0

In Season 3, this main game mode adopts a new design to offer a more laid-back yet entertaining experience that encourages discovery and innovation. The Einherjar must survive in a completely undeveloped environment because this event occurred before the Village surrounding the Seed of Yggdrasil was created. Your guides are the fearsome Viking warrior Eira Foot-Crushed and everyone’s beloved cats Mániklo and Sóleyra from the Saga lesson. In the new Survival Mode, Einherjar is liberated from the continual fear of oncoming Jötnar raids and is free to create their ideal Viking dwellings and engage in direct combat with foes as they see fit.

Crafting 2.0 (Survival Mode)

The Einherjar in Survival 2.0 must be self-sufficient to create products as there are no villages or merchants. Use the Allforge, a magical Dwarven device that is free to use and may be placed anywhere. It is available via the Build menu. While the Allforge helps mend equipment, its primary function is to immediately erect crafting stations that, depending on the station type, enable Einherjar to forge and produce a range of goods.


Compared to other weapon types, this new one allows Einherjar to attack targets farther away and more directly. The basic Villager Spear may be made with just wood, providing any unfortunate person with a chance to survive while they develop their survival abilities.


Last season, the game creators let you swim and battle the fish that surfaced, but what if you want to capture something? Create a fishing rod, then search rivers and seas for eerie ripples. Einherjar may test how quickly they can press buttons by tossing a fishing rod onto a ripple and timing it perfectly to capture various fish.

Tribes of Midgard’s standard edition will cost $19.99 on the PlayStation Store, the Xbox Store, the Microsoft Store, the Nintendo eShop, Steam, and the Epic Games Store, while the Deluxe Edition, which includes exclusive armour, weapons, and pets, will cost $29.98 on Steam and $29.99 on the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Nintendo eShop, and the Epic Games Store.

A co-op game featuring a distinctive fusion of action, survival, and rogue-lite features is called Tribes of Midgard. Explore this vibrant and colourful universe as imagined by Norsfell, and hack and slash your way through foes while collecting riches. Two distinct game modes—a session-based Saga Mode and an unlimited Survival Mode—will test the might of your tribe.


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