The bus was not bulletproof, neither did the soldiers have weapons; Srinagar’s Pantha Chowk Terror Attack is a Result of Negligence!

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After the terrorist attack on the bus of security forces in Srinagar on Monday evening, the Ministry of Home Affairs led by Amit Shah claims to be in touch with the Jammu and Kashmir administration constantly. The incident is being considered very serious. Three policemen were martyred and 11 injured in the terror attack in Srinagar’s Pantha Chowk. At the same time, it is coming to the fore that the bus in which the attack took place from three sides was not bulletproof. It also is revealed that the security personnel sitting on the bus were not even fully armed. Very few policemen had weapons. Officials claim that various aspects of the incident are being investigated. It is known that the terrorists fired on the tire to stop the bus. Later there was fierce firing on the bus from three sides.

Officials claim that they are investigating if the terrorists who carried out the cowardly act are foreign or local. Keeping all the aspects in mind, there are clear instructions to the security forces that the attackers should not escape under any circumstances. At present, the Ministry of Home Affairs is getting complete information.

Hybrid terrorists may be involved

Officials said that the possibility of the involvement of hybrid terrorists in the incident could not be ruled out. The way the attack happened, it is clear that there must have been extensive recce before the attack. The terrorists must have been aware that the vehicle the armed police force personnel are going is not bulletproof. Terrorists are constantly adopting new targets and new methods. Youth are being used for terrorist activities, who do have any connection with terror earlier. Such youth do not join any terrorist group. They are given weapons and money for terrorist activities. After carrying out the attacks, they again return to the mainstream and mingle with the common people. It is difficult to identify them.

Where have we gone wrong on security?

It appears, Modi Government has not learnt from the Pulwama terror attack, and this seems to be gross carelessness. The attack appears to be a retaliatory attack after the police killed innocent civilians in targeted killings in the past.

Unconcerned Government

Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued his inauguration and celebrations of the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor even after the attack. The same pattern was witnessed during the deadliest ever militant attack in Pulwama on the security forces in Jammu and Kashmir. It remains a mystery what PM Narendra Modi was doing between 3:10 pm on February 14, when the suicide bombing happened. Around 7 pm, he was seen leaving Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand that day. The opposition has accused PM Modi of shooting for Discovery channel’s ‘Man Vs Wild’ even after the Pulwama attack.


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